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For those that want a healthier alternative to smoking normal cigarettes, there is finally hope on the horizon. Every year countless thousands are switching to electronic cigarettes and leaving the paper and tobacco versions behind. The have many benefits over their traditional brethren with the main one being the complete lack of smoke. Electronic cigarettes don’t produce any smoke whatsoever since they don’t use fire. Instead, they use a system that super-heats a cartridge of flavored, nicotine-infused liquid and this produces water vapor that you inhale to get your nicotine fix. This means no more smelly clothes, tar-filled lungs or dangerous second-hand smoke.

At first I was really skeptical and thought they were just another gimmick and would disappear within a few months. I felt like there was no way an electronic device could replace the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. However, I decided to try anyway so I ordered kits from multiple different brands. Some were very expensive but over time I found the ones that had the right combination of price and quality.

Then one day I tried Aqua Vapor.

I ordered the Classic Kit with the PCC and I was blown away. At the time Aqua Vapor was the best brand I had tried and is now still one of my favorites.


They definitely chose a strange, cult-like insignia for their logo which I’m sure this will put a lot of people off. While the graphic design and packaging is not the best I’ve seen (some would even say it’s downright amateurish) what’s inside the box is the polar opposite.

With the cigarettes themselves you can choose between 2 or 3-piece models. 3-piece cigarettes are better for those extremely heavy smokers as the long term cost of replacing the atomizer is lower than if it was a unified design with the atomizer and cartridge in one. 2-piece designs are a lot more user-friendly though.


Aqua Vapor offers a massive selection of kits with each style having 3 to 6 different variations. No matter what your budget or smoking style you can find something perfectly designed for you. Here are their kits on offer:

Starter Kit: The Aqua Vapor Starter Kit came in a large black box with a portable charging case, 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, USB charger, wall charger, 10 cartomizers, car charger, leather carrying case and 2 10ml e-liquid bottles.

Classic RN 4081: The style is perfect for those making the switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic. Within this style they have 5 different kits including the Mini, Duo, PCC, Bundle and Mega Deal kits. Most of them come with 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 filters, a bottle of e-liquid, 1 cartomizer, 1 USB charger, a wall charger and a portable charging case. This company really does overdeliver in terms of the sheer amount of stuff you receive for your money.

PRO DSE901: This kit has been designed to offer a perfect combination of value for money and style. Just like the Classic it has 5 different variations on offer with the same names as well.

510 ONE: This one was designed for variety and it comes with batteries, prefilled filters, a USB charger, flavored refill liquid and some even have a portable charging case. They are all totally customizable.

Disposable eCig: Just like its name suggests these are completely disposable cigarettes and they come in 3 styles. The first one of them is called Express and it comes with a USB connector, 1 battery and 2 cartomizers. The next ones are disposable cigars and they look exactly like a high-class cigar. Then there are the singles which are simply one full cigarette in a box.

eGo 510 & Tank: These are for those who are sick of charging cigarettes and want to produce extreme amounts of vapor. These are all tank-based and there are 3 types of kits.

NEW eGo C: This is basically just one big kit that contains batteries, an atomizer, tank, USB charger, wall adapter, refill bottle and a user manual. Since there is no cotton filler in these you just have to take the top off and fill it up with liquid and you’re ready to go.

Variable Voltage MyGo: This is perfect for those who want complete control over their entire smoking experience. It offers many features so you can customize everything. For example you can switch between 3V and 6V and it comes with different dosage options, short-circuit protection and regulated output. So if you want to have a really strong smoke with huge amounts of vapor then this is the kit to go for.

eCig Mods: These are all the added extras you can buy such as grips, variable voltage starter kits, extenders, batteries and chargers. This way you can make your rig however you like.

e-Pipe DSE601: For those that enjoy the traditional smoking experience of using a real pipe, Aqua Vapor has just the thing. This is by far the most high-performance electronic pipe on the market and delivers a smooth vape delivery.


Their batteries are available in either black, white, steel and pink. If you’re looking for a more traditional-looking electronic cigarette then the white color is for you. However, the black and silver models look really glamorous and sleek so if that’s your thing then those would suit you better. The pink model is for the girls who want to express their femininity.

The battery life is around the industry standard of 300 puffs per charge. Each one should last about 200 to 300 charges before you need to buy new ones.

Aqua Vapor offers more flavors than anyone else with a staggering 35. It’s almost overwhelming. This is great for those that want variety or some excitement in their vaping experience. They also offer great sample packages so you can try out a bunch of flavors without getting stuck with larger refills. It would be no good to have such a huge selection if the liquid quality itself was low. Thankfully their e-liquid is top-notch and their flavors are vibrant. They have regular, menthol, apple, banana, black tobacco, blueberry, camel, cappuccino, caramel, cherry, chocolate, clove, coffee, Cohiba cigar, Cuban cigar, fine 555, flue-cured tobacco, double mint, cinnamon, kiwi, Dr Pepper, cola, root beer, mint chocolate, apple, butterscotch, cake, cream, fruit punch, grape, Havana select tobacco, Irish cream, juicy peach, Kahlúa, Mango, Mocha Java, Nport menthol, Piña Colada, red energy, rum, RY4, Salam menthol, Virginia, waffle, watermelon and Wenston.

My favorites are definitely the cappuccino, caramel, rum, menthol, apple and chocolate. These flavors are outstanding and some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

In Use:

The smoking experience these cigs deliver is also nothing short of phenomenal. The batteries they supply with their electronic cigarettes last forever and are extremely reliable. They perform super fast too so as soon as you take a drag you get a huge blast of tasty vapor with a strong throat hit. Other brands I’ve tried need a really strong suck to get a good amount of vapor but these guys make it really easy.

They seem to have the word vapor in the name for a very good reason. Their cigarettes produce a huge amount of vapor volume and is really impressive when you blow out a huge cloud of smoke that covers all your friends. But as you know, volume is not the most important thing. Thankfully they managed to get the feel, flavor and heat just right as well. This makes it almost identical to smoking a regular cigarette.

Their flavors are legendary and they offer way more than any of the competition. The company’s customer service is really decent and they were very quick to respond to our emails with helpful answers. They have a toll-free phone number, email support and a great FAQ on their website. If those don’t help you then get on their social media such as facebook and twitter. For orders over $50 in value they will throw in the shipping for free. Of course like most of their competitors they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee

For all these reasons Aqua Vapor are a strong contender in the electronic cigarette game. Definitely worth a try.

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